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Isabelle Stolar

Yaara's Yoga s lesson are really special: For me yaara 's lesson is both a quiet deep and happy moment in which I know I will work hard on my body and soul. From my experience, Yaara somehow knows how to bring people to connect with themselves. I felt all along that she's got such a clear understanding (technically and intuitively) of the body's balance and she knows how to pass it on. The work we've done on ourself is extremely precise while echoing on a global level. For instance I learned how moving a specific part my body from a few millimeter can make the movement righter and more effective.

I tried yoga a few times but never managed to really make it part of my everyday life and thoughts. Yaara's way of being a yoga teacher together with "the moment of life" opened a brand new world to me.

I can only highly recommend Yoga with Yaara! #יוגה

Isabelle Stolar

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